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        The Howard Ranch is located in Northwestern Oklahoma and the ranch's location

 illustrates the diverse topography of Northwestern Oklahoma well. The ranch is home

 to both the rolling grasslands that Oklahoma is known for and is home to the rough

beauty of majestic canyons. The Howard Ranch is one of the few ranches in

Oklahoma to be both a guest ranch and have a Cowboy & Cowgirl School while being an

authentic working ranch.  The Howard Ranch is a 13,000 acre fifth generation working

cattle ranch with 600 head of cattle and 40 head of horses. Justin Howard

has been a lifelong horse trainer and cowman and has had 16 years

experience with professional saddle bronc riding.


The Howard Ranch offers a unique event every spring when they brand their

cattle the old-fashioned way.  Known as calf dragging, the cattle are gathered and

branded using a branding iron heated over a fire.  Entertainment, Dutch oven

meals that are prepared at the ranch and storytelling are all part of the branding experience. 

Through the Cowboy & Cowgirl School at the ranch you learn the skills that are

a necessity for real cowboys.  At the Cowboy & Cowgirl School guests can participate

in gathering, working, branding, tagging, roping cattle and more.  The ranch has a

long list of varied activities available including trail rides, bird watching, 

 hunting, wildlife watching and artifact hunting.  For lodging needs, a rustic

cabin is available in a serene and private setting at the ranch.  Additional lodging

 is available for guests seeking modern comforts while living ranch life.


To tailor the needs of guests customized vacation packages are available. 

The ranch hopes to create lifelong memories for guests as well as give

guests the ultimate experience while being on a working ranch.  Choose the

Howard Ranch for your exploration of Northwestern Oklahoma and for a

unique authentic experience at a working cattle ranch!

 Feel free to contact me today with any questions:

Justin Howard

206731 E. Co Rd 30


PHONE: 580-254-5552

CELL: 580-334-5552



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